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    About us

    Adlink International Ltd provides advertising services and representation to media houses throughout the developing and the developed world. We are certified members of the Overseas Press and Media Association London U.K. We have a very strong presence in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Far East.

    Our directors have worked and lived in the developing world and are thoroughly conversant with the region and its working habits. Having worked in the media of both the developing and developed world, they travel regularly to the regions on business.

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    Our Services

    While others aspire of placing ads in the remotest parts of the world, Adlink International Ltd is at home with any campaign, big or small. We have bought together everything you could ever need to make your ads work as smoothly and satisfyingly as possible.

    You will enjoy a new standard of excellence and efficiency in placing your ads whether in the largest circulating newspaper or magazine, to the smallest specialist publication, not only in the western world, but anywhere in the developing world.