What We Do

As the officially appointed advertising representatives of a wide variety of magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and digital networks, and Out of Home advertising networks in many parts of the world, we book advertising from our clients directly or their appointed advertising agencies.

Our clients range from multinational corporates, medium and small-sized companies from all industry, business, educational institutions, and recruitment sectors. We can prepare tailor-made campaigns based on your budget and plans and offer you an extensive range of media opportunities into new markets and products.


We have tie-ups with many leading media houses across the world who are publishers of a large variety of newspapers and magazines covering subjects ranging from current affairs, general, lifestyle, sports, business, professional and women's interest, among others. We go beyond the list of our media usually represented to meet client needs.


The continued growth of radio stations worldwide makes radio the most common medium, especially where television has not yet reached. The wide array of new FM stations restricted to specific local community groups has also grown. Our list of representations includes local and national television and radio broadcast networks in English and various regional languages globally.

Out of House (OOH)

As the officially appointed representatives of Out of House (OOH) companies with official concessions in specific restricted locations, we can book outdoor advertising in all the airports in West and East Africa and across the rest of Africa and many other developing countries.

Our coverage extends to as far away as China, India and South America, where we can offer digital and traditional sites. We ensure that regular maintenance of these sites is carried out so that our clients' campaigns continue unhindered.

Digital-Native Advertising

We have a special section with fully trained staff working with Amit dealing with digital and online advertising within the digital media platforms we represent and independent sites. We will be pleased to book campaigns and keep our clients informed on growing opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We are also happy to help with multi-lingual Digital Marketing requirements. Please contact us with a specific enquiry.

The Printed Word

(Books, Magazines, and Brochures)

Our latest addition to our services is contract publishing of books for authors, textbooks, brochures, magazines using the latest design and printing technology in the UK, and internationally.

A team of professional editors, career journalists, proofreaders, and designers work together using the latest software so that clients can enjoy the benefit of competitive pricing and benefit from the first-hand experience of those who create your publications.

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